12104 Kilbride Drive

5 bd|3 ba|2924 sqft

Property Details

Single Family

Legal Description

Situated in Section 7, Town 1, Entire Range 2, Colerain Township, Hamilton County, Ohio and being more particularly described as follows: Being all of Lot Number 66 of Hunterston Subdivision, Section 3-B, as recorded in Plat Book 355, Pages 25, 26 and 27 of the Hamilton County, Ohio Records. Subject to easement and restrictions of record, zoning ordinances and all taxes and assessments, if any, due and payable in June, 2003 and thereafter, all of which grantees herein assume and agree to pay. There are excepted from the general warranty covenants and the real property is conveyed subject to the following: 1. All legal highways, easements, conditions, covenants, and restrictions of record. 2. All taxes, assessments, and reassessments becoming due and payable after the date hereof. 3. The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions and Reservation of Easements for Hunterston Subdivision, as recorded in O.R. Volume 7702, Page 1588 of the Hamilton County, Ohio Records.


Foreclosure Details

Ajax Mortgage Loan Trust 2023-B, Mortgage-Backed Securities, Series 2023-B, by U.S. Bank Trust Company, National Association, as Indenture Trustee
Claxton,Jr. Eugene
Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas
Melba D. Marsh
A 2302522
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Wed 5/22/2024 1:00 PM EDT
Wed 5/29/2024 2:56 PM EDT
$312,500.00 Wed 5/29/2024 2:53 PM EDT